Myths about Coronavirus (2020)

Myths about Coronavirus

In this special feature, we address about few myths about coronavirus being circulated all over social media.

Myths about Coronavirus

Earlier in 2020, when there was an outbreak in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, the World Health Organization declared coronavirus. This virus quickly spread all over the world and was declared as the pandemic for the whole world. Due to the rapid spread of the virus, many death cases were reported.

Here, we will address few of the myths about coronavirus that are being circulated over the social media.

Myths about Coronavirus

If you get coronavirus, you die.

This is not true. The 80% of the cases reported with infection were mild. This virus is not fatal for everyone.

The WHO reported that most of the people will experience mild symptoms such as fever, cough, cold, shortness of breath and tiredness.

So, if you get proper treatment and medical care, you will rapidly recover from this virus.

Only old people and young people are infected. Children cannot get infected.

Covid-19 can infect people of all the age. People having health issues such as diabetes or asthma are more likely to get infected and are at high risk.

Children have low immunity power and they are likely to get infected. But there symptoms may not be severe.

Coronavirus is spread through cats and dogs

This is not true. The real carrier of coronavirus are humans.

Use of alcohol and chlorine on skin kills viruses in the body

Use of alcohol and chlorine cannot kill viruses in the body. In fact, they can cause harm to the body and can be even more harmful if it goes into eyes or mouth.

Use of hand dryers kill coronavirus

This is not true. To protect yourself from virus wash your hands with soap and water. Also you can use a alcohol based sanitizer.

If you wear face mask, you cannot get infected.

Wearing of cloth mask can only save you against the droplets from people and not from getting infected. To stay safe you have to also follow social distancing even after wearing mask.

N95 and surgical masks provide better protection, not 100%, but these masks are reserved for only healthcare workers.

Thermal scanners are used to diagnose coronavirus

Thermal scanners are used every where to check the temperature of a person. This can only tell that if a person is having fever or not.

Home remedies can protect you from getting infected

By using some home remedies you can increase your immune system but this does not guarantee that you can never get infected.

With increase in temperature, coronavirus will end.

Though, some of the viruses spread when the temperature conditions are colder , but they don’t die when the temperature increases.


These are a few common myths about coronavirus that are being forwarded on social media. Please don’t believe in them. /the best way to prevent yourself from getting infected is to follow proper handwashing practices and use alcohol-based sanitizers.

Wash your hands

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