Mindset is Everything: Your Mindset can make You or Break you

Mindset is Everything

In this new age of technology, where everything is growing so fast that we as human beings cannot realize what is good and what is bad Mindset. There has been a direct proportion between advancement in sectors and health. With the constant rise in the development of infrastructure, economy, agricultural areas, health. We have also witnessed the birth of numerous kinds of diseases furtherly dividing them both physically and mentally which are disastrous for mankind. But as said above, these two go in hand in hand. We have also noticed some remarkable steps taken for the improvement of the health sector.

Since “revolutions don’t happen overnight.” Thus, we need to develop a good mindset. Now, you may ask what is a mindset and how majorly it contributes to our health like individually as well as in whole, and several such questions. Mentioning an answer to your query- 

What is Mindset ?

“Mindset” is a set of assumptions, notions, attitudes, which is held by one, or a group of people. In simpler words mindset is the mentality of a person which he derives or develops after having a considerable view of the world that surrounds him/her. This plays a huge role in deciding one’s decisions, choices, mistakes, and overall redirects. To know more, regarding this we should a deeper insight into this word.

Mindset can be derived into two groups:

 ● Positive mindset:

Well, we all know what positive is. But adding this word before mindset implies us to have a constructive approach towards everything, to every such event that takes place in our life. Even if the occurrence of the event is not good then also, we need to think positively. Thinking everything will be fine.

Negative mindset.

A negative mindset is the exact opposite of what we read in the positive mindset. It implies having a pessimistic ethos to everything, even if the event happened in our life is good. They usually make an opposing conclusion and indeed spread this thinking to others around them.

Now, knowing what are its types we can slowly understand why it’s so damn crucial to have a positive ethos. Coming to your next doubt how it plays a crucial role in everything of ours. Well, there are many reasons by which we can state that mindset is everything.

 Some of these are explained below:

 ⮚ Make or break: Our mindset makes us either make or break the situation. If we have a practical understanding then it’s ok, but on the contrary, if we lack understanding or have some gloomy thinking then of course we fail.

3 W’s: Our mindset will decide “What we were”, “What we are”, and finally “What we will be.” So, it depends on us on what path we want to walk, whether approaching a positive or a negative ethos.

In short, it can be said that it is that pillar of our mind which is stronger than having any financial or technical knowledge. It is the greatest asset than us, which is of more worth and powerful, than anything else. It sets our limits and decides whether we can pursue that particular thing or not. Knowing, why mindset is important, we shall move on to our next inquire that is what role it plays in regarding our health like individually as well as in whole. Certain points will make you realize that our behaviorism is an influential stone in our health.


Stress management: In this era, where we are associated with huge risks of stress, depression, and other mental diseases. Having a positive mindset acts like an adhesive to our brain and thus protects us from the negativity which surrounds us. It helps us to cope up with the different sorts of stress, tension.

Builds Resilience: Resilience refers to the ability to cope up with different situations. Changing our approach to certain issues will not only decrease the percentage of getting associated with cardiovascular diseases but also increases our life span in various other ways.

Increased immunity: Mindset has a huge impact on our mind as well as the body. According to research studies and facts, it has been seen that one with pessimistic thinking develops a weaker immune system whereas, one with optimistic thinking has a healthy immune system. Here the main point of comparison is that the pessimistic thinks, that the situation he/she faced is out of hands, whereas the optimistic encounters the situation. 

Healthier Lifestyles: Discussed earlier, our mind and body are interrelated. Having a positive attitude will build an enthusiasm to live life in a healthier way, rather than just opting for a sedentary lifestyle. As we know “what we eat” makes us “what we are.” Similarly, “what we think” decides “what we will be.” In short, our mindset will decide our well-being.

Reduces blood pressure levels: As per reports and researchers, it has been found that positive thinking eliminates stress and other bad thoughts. So, this in turn will help to reduce the high blood pressures and other heart-associated dysfunctionalities to a lower level. Though it will not completely eradicate it but will make it less significant. 


Well, we all should follow this mantra “whatever happens, happens for a reason.” Though it’s not possible always to build such a door mind in our mind at least we should try. Try to not being so negative that it will kill our inner selves. Trying not to be not afraid and conclude everything in an unpleasant way to whatever happens in our life.

Trying not to be slow down, where we have the abilities to handle that event. Trying not to shallow our minds, and making limits for ourselves that can be defended by us. Improving ourselves slowly but steadily that is by part by part, time to time. Taking small steps in the beginning but making a point to ourselves. As mindset is everything and can save our lives. 

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