Best Home Remedies for Fever and Cold in Kids (2020)

home remedies for kids

In this article, you will get information about a few home remedies for kids for fever and the common cold.

Most kids sooner or later in their life will be struck by a problem; this is a sad reality that cannot be avoided.  Trying to find the best home remedies that are suitable for kids is not always easy. However, if you are careful and always ensure that you are selective in the ingredient that you choose, you can typically find that it really is possible to use home remedies for kids.  A bit of well-placed effort can produce fabulous results, but knowing which are the best for kids is not always easy. 

Fever and Common cold are common problems faced by kids every now and then.



The average body temperature is around 98.6°F (37°C). When a person’s body temperature rises above the average body temperature, fever occurs. Although fevers tend to be harmless, they cause discomfort. A very high fever every now requires medical treatment, even though most fevers only require home remedies.

Other symptoms experienced in fever include sweating, body pain, headache, loss of appetite, chills, fatigue.

Home Remedies for Fever in kids

To make kids feel more comfortable in fever, try the following home remedies for kids-

Drinking lots of fluids

Drink lots of fluids

To keep up with the elevated body temperature the body uses lot of water and this causes dehydration. So to prevent dehydration in kids make them drink lots of fluids like filtered water, coconut water, diluted fruit juice, hot soups and more.


Make sure that the kids take a good amount of rest until the fever subsides away. If your kid cannot sleep due to fever then try to read them a story or play a good gentle music.

Taking warm baths

Taking a warm bath can help the body to cool off and as well as help soothe the body pain. However, kids may be reluctant in taking baths in fever. So you can place a cloth dipped in warm water to soothe the fever in kids.

Common Cold

A common cold is the mild viral infection of the throat and nose. Most kids average 2 to 3 or more colds per year.

When an infected person sneezes, the droplets are projected in the air or onto another person and the cold is thus transmitted to the other person. The common cold virus enters the person’s body through their eyes, mouth, or nose.

Common symptoms of common cold may include runny nose, stuffy nose, headaches, body pain, sore throat, congestion, sneezing, fever and fatigue.

Home Remedies for Common Cold in kids

Here are few useful home remedies for kids for common cold-

Saltwater gargles

Saltwater Gargles

To help kids get relief from sore throat, ask them to do salt water gargles. To do this mix half teaspoon of salt into eight ounces of warm water.


Make sure that the kids take a good amount of rest. This will help heal body and as well as will prevent the virus from getting transmitted.


To loosen the congestion in the nose, drink lots of fluids. This also soothes the throat. To stay hydrated drink water, diluted juices and warm liquids like tea, soups.

Raw Garlic

Raw Garlic

Raw garlic has immune-boosting, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Tie few garlic cloves in hand or neck of kid. This helps the garlic to absorb into the body and thereby giving relief to your kid from the common cold.


Being sick and ill is part of childhood and we cannot avoid this. What we can avoid is running to the doctor every time your kid is suffering from fever and cold. Try the above home remedies for kids and bring your kids back to health.

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