Healthy Breakfast Recipes (2020)

Most people get by with 4 meals a day, but when it comes to importance, it is a well-established fact that a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fuels an individual for the rest of the day and helps him in accomplishing his tasks through the grueling first half of the workday. In addition to that, it is literally the first meal of the day and has a significant impact on the overall health of an individual. 

Hence, diet and health care experts insist that one should have a healthy breakfast every day in order to maintain one’s health. There are hundreds of thousands of online resources that provide people with a wide range of healthy breakfast recipes. However, at the same time, it is also necessary to point out that the sheer variety of Indian breakfast items means that people are often spoilt for choice. 

On the other hand, breakfast is also a hugely important meal for kids and for growing teenagers, which is why parents need to look closely at some of the healthy breakfast ideas for kids. 

Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Kids

Kids are a bundle of energy and in addition to spending their time in school; they also participate in physical activities. In addition to that, it is also necessary to point out that as they continue to grow, kids also need nutritious food, and breakfast becomes an essential part of the diet. 

Different Types Of Stuffed Parathas

Healthy Breakfast Recipes - Parathas

It is important to note that there are a plethora of options when it comes to healthy breakfast recipes for kids and it is necessary to do thorough research before opting for one. If you are from the Northern part of the country, then you could consider giving your child a wide range of stuffed parathas. For instance, parathas stuffed with vegetables can be a very healthy option. In addition to that, you could also consider aloo paneer parathas, palak corn parathas, and beetroot sesame parathas among others. 


Over the years, these food items have managed to emerge as the go-to options for many parents. On the other hand, if you are looking for healthy breakfast recipes for school quick and easythen poha can be an excellent option. It is tasty, healthy and can be rustled up fairly quickly. 

As mentioned above, there is a massive variety of healthy breakfast recipes in India, and from one region to another; the options might change. While the options for North Indians are quite varied, it is the same in the rest of the country. 

Different Types of Dosa

Healthy Breakfast Recipes - Dosa

South Indians have a wide range of options as well when it comes to healthy breakfasts and over the years, the breakfast items from the region have become hugely popular in other parts of the country as well. Dosa is a well known healthy breakfast item from South India, but it is also important for people to know the right kind of Dosa that needs to be eaten at breakfast.

There is a wide variety of dosas and hence, it is necessary to figure out the ones to feed your child at breakfast.  One of the healthiest possible dosas to consider is the carrots oats dosa. It can fuel your child with the much-needed calories that can fuel the rest of his day. Other options include millets Dosa and Vella Dosa. The latter is made from whole wheat flour and also includes jaggery. It is sweet and hence, could be particularly attractive for kids.


Healthy Breakfast Recipes- Idli

South Indian breakfasts are incomplete without mentioning idli. It is one of the most popular breakfast items in South India and you should consider including it in your kid’s breakfast. Last but not least, another very healthy breakfast recipes for kids’ is millet porridge with dry fruits. It can be prepared in a few minutes and provide the necessary nutrition to your child effectively.

Bread Toast and Masala Omelette

Now, the focus shifts to the Eastern part of the country, which also offers a very wide range of healthy breakfast recipes for kids. One of the most popular breakfasts in the region is bread toast and masala omelette. While masala omelette is undoubtedly a tasty breakfast, you could also consider adding seasonal vegetables to it and make it even healthier for the child.

Vegetable Rolls

However, there are many other options as well and you should consider those as well. Rolls made up of chapattis and filled with vegetables are an excellent option. These rolls can be made quickly and will provide the child with the right kind of nutrition to kick off his day.

Vegetable Sandwich

Healthy Breakfast Recipes- Sandwich

The vegetable sandwich is a highly popular and nutritious breakfast item in Eastern India. In addition to that, vegetable poha and daliya upma are also incredibly healthy options for those looking for quick breakfast preparations for their children.

Over the years, the Eastern breakfast has evolved considerably, and considering the wide range of cuisines that are available in the region; these breakfast items only scratch the surface. The North-Eastern area offers a very wide variety of healthy breakfast recipes and you could consider having a look at those as well.  Last but certainly not the least by any stretch of the imagination is the range of healthy breakfast recipes for kids that you can discover in Western Indian cuisine.

Moong Dal Cheela

Cuisines in states like Maharashtra and Gujarat are incredibly diverse and have evolved over the past half a century or so. There are too many options for you and plenty of healthy ones at that. One of the most popular healthy breakfast items that could include into your child’s breakfast routine could be Moong Dal Cheela. It can be made fairly quickly and packs a lot of nutrition in one serving.


Healthy Breakfast Recipes- Khakhra

Alternatively you could try out sprouted Moong Dal with Khakra for breakfast as well. Over the years, it has proven to be a winning combination and is one of the most popular breakfasts for people from Gujarat.

Thepla, Palak Puri and Bhurji Rolls

However, that is not all. There are plenty of other options to consider as well. Thepla Wrap, Palak Puri and Paneer Bhurji Roll are all outstanding options for breakfast for growing kids. These are high in protein and calories and help a child to sustain his activities up until lunchtime.

Now that you have gone through the healthy breakfast recipes for kids for different regions, it needs to be mentioned that one should not be restricted to the breakfast items that are generally eaten in the region. If one wishes to broaden his horizons then, as you can see, there are a lot of options and it will be remiss if you do not try out the breakfast options available throughout the rest of the country. It will bring much-needed variety to your child’s breakfast and also provide the sort of nutrition that desired. The exercise of going through the different healthy breakfasts in other parts of the country was primarily aimed at bring to the reader the incredible variety that can be found in this country. 

Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Toddlers

Now that the healthy breakfast recipes for schools kids have been dealt with, it is perhaps time to take a look at the options for toddlers. Breakfast is a hugely important meal for toddlers and as such, it is necessary on the part of parents to ensure that they tailor it in the best possible way. If you are looking for healthy breakfast ideas for toddlers, then you would find a number of resources online. But, it is necessary to note that many of those resources might end up confusing you by giving you too many options. Hence, it is necessary to streamline the whole thing and figure out no more than a handful of options.

Toddlers are not big fans of a lot of variety in their meals and hence, you don’t need to change the breakfast that often. Generally it is better to stick to one breakfast and then if you feel the need, you can bring about a change after a few weeks. In addition to that, it is also advisable to speak to a child nutrition expert before choosing a breakfast for the toddler. At the end of the day, expert opinion on the matter can go a long way in making sure that the toddler gets the best possible nutritious breakfast at all times. 

Here is a quick look at some of the healthy breakfast recipes for toddlers that you could consider.

Banana, Yoghurt and Peas

Healthy Breakfast Recipes- Banana

One of the more popular healthy breakfasts for toddlers is a platter of carrot coin dosa, yoghurt, banana and peas. It is a breakfast for toddlers not only because it is filling but also because it packs a punch in terms of calories, proteins and carbohydrates in a big way. It can help in packing in just the right amount of energy that is needed to power the body at the start of the day. You could decide on the portions according to the toddler’s appetite. However, it is advisable to add one full banana to the breakfast.

That being said, it is necessary to point out that there is a plethora of options when it comes to a toddler’s breakfast. Although it is true that people are generally at a loss when it comes to deciding on a breakfast for toddlers, it is necessary to note that there are a lot of options and it is imperative to choose the right one.

Neer Dosa

Another excellent choice for those who are looking for breakfast options for toddlers is the Neer Dosa. It is made from brown rice and packs a lot of punch. In addition to the Neer Dosa, you could consider adding honey and some fruits. Apples or grapes might be the perfect combination for such a breakfast. However, when making the Neer Dosa, you should make sure that the batter is light and thin. That way the Dosa will be light as well as it will be far more comfortable for the toddler to digest. A thick undercooked dosa might create problems with regards to digestion.

Idli Sambhar and Lemon Idli

Lemon Idli

Like it is the case with adults, idli can be an excellent option when it comes to breakfasts for toddlers and over the years, toddlers in the Southern part of India have been fed the famous food item regularly. It is a light food item and once mixed with the sambhar; it can prove to be an excellent nutritious breakfast for toddlers.

However, if you want to make things a bit more interesting for the toddler, then you could also consider making lemon idli. It needs lemon juice, ghee and mustard and hence it creates a savoury taste that is generally well-liked by toddlers.

Spinach Dosa

Healthy Breakfast Recipes- Spinach Dosa

Spinach coin dosa is also a highly popular breakfast item for toddlers and nowadays it is quite popular among parents. It packs in the lightness of a dosa and the goodness of leafy vegetables during one meal. However, it goes without saying that spinach is a seasonal vegetable and it would not be available throughout the years. Hence, it is more of a breakfast option when spinach is in season. For the rest of the year, you could consider adding other vegetables to the Dosa.


Healthy Breakfast Recipes - Cucumber

A few slices of cucumber could also be added to the breakfast since it helps in digestion considerably. During summers, some cucumber slices can be particularly helpful. It helps with keeping dehydration at bay and also adds much-needed fibers to the breakfast. 


This article is a complete look at the sort of healthy breakfast recipes that one can go for both in the case of toddlers and also for kids who are going to school. It is the biggest concern for parents all over India and we believe that the options provided here are going to go a long way in providing a solution to the problem. You could share your thoughts on the subject of healthy breakfast recipes in the comments section.

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