A simple Guide to Acne Remedies (2021)

Acne Remedies

In this present scenario, we are associated with so much pollution, germs, and intoxication of other substances that causes acne. We can get rid of acne by applying some acne remedies. Therefore, it severely affects our health and immune system. Though we say inner beauty is the best, we all know the harsh truth, that lies under the blanket which is outer beauty stands out the best.

However, what may be the situation, whenever we see or check a person we all judge them on their looks. If they are pretty, then everything is fine and if not, then we start pointing out their flaws. Though the situation has been changing with time, people with this kind of mentality are still there.

To love someone, we should start loving ourselves. As the greater part of our country, India belongs to the population of teens and young. We know what they all go through. It’s acne and pimple problems. Some are blessed with good skin and some not. This acne makes a person underconfident about the looks, thus leading to an overall decrease in faith in himself. Therefore, acne treatment plays a vital role in one’s life. 

See the reasons for acne are numerous and never-ending. Everybody goes through this stage. But this doesn’t mean we should hurt ourselves and stop admiring ourselves. We should take proper consultation to cure acne and be required to pamper our skin. So before doing all this we should know what acne remedies are? 

What is Acne? What causes Acne?

Acne Remedies

Acne Vulgaris which is the medical term and “pimples” which is the other name for acne is a skin condition where the hair follicles plug the oil along with dead cells. As said above it is most common in teenagers. The symptoms could be uninflamed blackheads, puss-filled ones, or large with red ones. So in order, to know more about them we should know what creates them. Some of the reasons are listed below:-

 ⮚ Food:- As teens, who are always engaged in eating junk food. It is not at all healthy for their body. One should avoid the grease, oil, and other contents associated with it. The more we take the more often, we get pimples. The intake of these substances should be minimal. Along, with this more studies even tell us that drinking milk and having pure chocolate can make aggravating effects on our skin.

⮚    Dirt:- It should be cleared that, blackheads are oxidized oils and not dirt. They are secreted entirely from different glands and not from dist. However, washing our face more often can irritate the skin.

⮚    Stress and Tension:- This is the most common factor which causes acne. With so much competition around us and to stand out the best, often takes us to the back. Some people who want to get rid of their pimples, often pick them up and make e them worse. This ultimately is not all a good sign.

⮚    Heredity:- Genetics also plays a vital role in pimples. In some, there is heredity that is carried on the next generation and suffer from these acne issues. 

⮚    Hormonal issues:- A lot of times, changes in hormones both in males and females result in acne. This is not a thing to worry about, as imbalances occur. Usually, girls are more associated with PCOS and PCOD. All this can be minimized by having a good diet, regular exercise, and drinking plenty amount of water.

⮚    Drugs and Cosmetics:- To get rid of acne, some consume medications that make their skin more irritated and worse. There is no good in consuming toxins like iodides, bromides. Along with this, one should never buy whatever is displayed through advertisement. As, every skin type is different, implying every product may not suit us. It is very important to read the ingredients and should be tested on any other part of the body, like the hand before directly applying it to the skin.

What are the Types of Acne?

What is Acne

This list will never end as there are plenty of factors associated with it including our occupation type and pressures. Now after the reasons for causing acne. We should now know what are the types. 

⮚    Blackheads:- These are the comedones that are open at the surface. As said above, it is caused by excess oil and dirt. The black hue results from the irregular reflection from the light coming from the clogged hair follicles. 

⮚    Whiteheads:- These comedones stay close to the surface. It happens when oil and skin cells prevent clogged hair follicle from opening. 

⮚    Papules:- These are inflamed comedones that result in forming red or pink small bumps on the skin. They are sensitive to touch. Picking can lead to a scar. 

⮚    Pustules:- They are another kind of inflamed pimples. These are the red rings with yellow or white puss. One should avoid squeezing it. 

⮚    Nodules:- These are inflamed ones, that develop deep within the skin. They are firm to touch and should be treated by a dermatologist. They are often very painful.

⮚    Cysts:-These are also a severe form of acne, more similar to boils. They are racking and should be seen by a dermatologist.

Though these are common, there are more varieties of them including moderate, mild, severe nodulocystic, acne mechanica. After knowing all this, we should try to consult a doctor and with the help of proper medication, we can fix this. Not only doctors but some other therapies can also cure acne.

Acne Remedies

skin cleansing

Knowing about the various cures, acne remedies, and treatments we should know what suits us best. It requires considerable effort and time for an individual to cure acne. Some of the acne remedies are mentioned below:-

❖    Lifestyle:- Maintaining regularity and moderation is good. But not everyone gets proper sleep, a wholesome diet of three meals. So what one can change is opting to not popping the pimples out. This can result in Morpher acne and redness. It takes months to get the scar to fade. Not only this one should always try to have a nutritious diet, especially with tons of water. Changing our lifestyle habits is one of the top remedies to reduce the number of acne remedies.

❖    Cleansing and skincare:-  Despite opting for different cosmetics of different brands, no proper or correct product can reduce acne. But this doesn’t mean we should stop taking care of the skin. Skin cleansing and skincare should e did regularly to remove dirt particles and other germs. One should go for the cleanser as their skin type requires it. One is sensitive skin can go for mild cleansers, one with normal skin types can opt for some exfoliating masks and scrubs. Retinol a derivative of vitamin-A can help and promote skin peeling. One can also go for antibacterial cleansers like benzoyl peroxide, external applications like in form of gels, creams, and lotion can be applied to the affected part. 

❖    Doctor consultation:- By going to a doctor, our goal of preventing scars can be achieved. This can be conducted in various ways like the external application of anti-bacterial, antibiotics including erythromycin, dapsone, sulfacetamide. Oral medications such as tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline. Other oral medications include cefadroxil, amoxicillin, and sulfa drugs.

❖    Light treatments:- with the development in technology, light treatment,s or using radiations can help in curing acne. This can be done in alone or conjunction with photosensitizing drugs. Though these treatments are safe, no guarantee of access.

❖    Home remedies:- Yes, home-based acne remedies can act effectively in reducing scars and acne. Like the gram flour- turmeric facial along with adding rose water. some others are also there like taking zinc supplements, applying apple cider vinegar, or consuming fish oil supplements, honey, and baking soda, fresh squeeze of lime. Following the ancient techniques of our grandmothers and the great grandmothers, have always shown constructive results on our face and it also cure acne.


Nevertheless, even if one is having acne or pimples there is nothing bad about it. We should never slip off the problem from our hands, from where it can be worse. Knowing the skin types, and what works best for us can take time, but will never disappoint you. Opting for the above said acne treatment and other acne remedies, or even ones that are not mentioned can help you. As revolutionaries don’t happen overnight, similarly results also take time. But one should always love themselves, from within and out. 

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